Movement Evaluation

Movement Evaluations Find the Cause of an Injury

Finding a professional with the skills to identify the cause of an injury can be a challenge. Physical Therapy is an incredibly specialized field that seeks to not just treat symptoms, but find the cause through analyzing movement patterns. Assessing movement patterns allows me to determine if an impairment is due to stiffness or loss of stability and motor control. The simple truth is that if you treat only the symptoms and not the cause, impairments often persist. Whether you ride horses, are a weekend warrior or have a physically demanding job, your body goes through stress that leads to wear-and-tear. Injuries from competition, recreation or repetitive stress can become lifelong ailments if they are not properly addressed. I offer comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatments using principles of sports medicine, Physical Therapy and movement analysis. Schedule a phone consult with me to find out the benefits that the Centaur Rehab has to offer!


In the world of sports medicine physical therapy, two clients will rarely have the same exact issues. For that reason, it is important that a Physical Therapist near me can offer personalized treatments based on a customized plan of attack. At Centaur Rehab, I offer ninety-minute personalized evaluations through my mobile therapy offerings. I travel around Saint Petersburg in a 30-minute radius, though I can travel further to your home if arrangements are made beforehand. My mobile therapy services allow you to enjoy the benefits of treatment from the comfort of your home, thus saving you the need to travel while dealing with your injury.


Here at Centaur Rehab, my work is backed by years of industry experience and professional education. I pursued my Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina before earning my clinical doctorate and manual therapy certification through Evidence in Motion. I have spent the past thirteen years honing my skills as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Outside of my work, I enjoy running marathons, sailing, and training my dog.


Centaur Rehab offers online bookings for consultations or comprehensive services. Navigate through my website to learn more about what I have to offer. Feel free to reach out through our contact page to learn more about Centaur Rehab!


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