Pain and Injury Management

Reduce Pain and Manage Injuries with Physical Therapy at Centaur Rehab

I have dedicated my life and career toward teaching, learning, and helping others to find solutions to their pain and injuries through personalized Physical Therapy. Here at Centaur Rehab, I use the skills that I spent years learning in order to provide my clients with the proper diagnosing of injuries and treatment of pain that they need in order to address their health concerns. As a rehabilitation clinic, my skills as a Physical Therapist are mobile to make sure that you get the help you need, at a time and place that is convenient to you. Today, I am going to introduce you to the comprehensive approach to pain and injury management services my clinic has to offer.


First and foremost, injury management is all about the individual. Whether you are a professional football player or retired and looking to improve your health, strength training will be tailored to fit your needs. By working with my clients during an in-depth evaluation, I am able to create a personalized program to help you meet your needs, improve your health, and live your best life.


Outside of addressing rehabilitation techniques for everyday athletes, I also work closely with equestrians. I use my skills and personal experience to help identify potential stiffness, impaired movement patterns and evaluate any weakness that may impact your ability to ride effectively. Throughout the process, I use evidence-based techniques that have been individualized to fit the rider in question.


Finally, Centaur Rehab can provide you with quality one-on-one treatment plans in your own home for maximum convenience. We travel to homes anywhere 30 minutes from downtown Saint Petersburg. If you are located outside of our initial radius, just notify me ahead of time. We can communicate over email, text, or cell phone in order to make the aforementioned arrangements.


In order to start your journey toward a healthier body, head to our 'Book Online' page today!


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