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When you are healthy it can be easy to take your body for granted. Not until our health is compromised do we come to realize how great it feels to be 'normal'. If you are struggling with an injury and require athletic physical therapy, Centaur Rehab can be the one to assist you. Centaur Rehab, LLC is a mobile physical therapy practice that provides care tailored to your specific situation. From rehabilitating an injury to improving your flexibility and strength for future movements, I am more than ready to assist you. What else can Centaur Rehab help you to accomplish?


Centaur Rehab is built on the shoulders of all the great physical therapists that have come before me. I earned my biology degree at Indiana University-Purdue before gaining my Masters in Physical Therapy from South Carolina (MUSC). From there, I went on to earn my clinical doctorate and board certification in orthopedics.  Knowing that skilled hands-on care is an important factor in providing evidence-based care, I earned a certification in manual therapy. I knew that if I wanted to find insightful physical therapy near me, I'd have to be armed with the knowledge and expertise myself. As an active individual with an affinity for horses, yoga, and ultramarathons, I keep myself well because I know how important it is for my quality of life. With Centaur Rehab, I hope to bring those same qualities to you.


Depending on the nature of your athletic physical therapy, a myriad of different service options may manifest themselves. I offer extensive services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. As always, I advocate that my clients start by booking their initial evaluation. From there, we can work together to develop the athletic physical therapy plan that will work best for you.


Don't feel like you have to work alone. Call on Centaur Rehab for all of your physical therapy needs.


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