Sports Performance

What Are the Benefits of Sports Injury Physical Therapy?

Going through life as an athlete can be both enjoyable and aggravating. While there is something fulfilling about competition, dealing with the physical fallout of intense activity can be tough for anyone. As a result, sports injury physical therapy has been a rapidly growing field. As medicine furthers our understanding of the human body, we can bring about new sports therapy techniques for the purpose of assisting our athletes. Whether you are a college athlete or a hobbyist at the local rec center, Centaur Rehab can help!


Here at Centaur Rehab, LLC, I am focused on providing my clients with mobile sports injury physical therapy. Sports therapy is a field of healthcare that focuses on applying principles to optimize performance, reduce potential injury, and alleviate potential aches and pains. If you've ever spent a weekend competing in physical activity, you will know how that experience can linger. While this is the basis of our sports therapy service, there is significantly more that goes into the process.


When it comes time to book your sports therapy package, make sure that you start with an evaluation. Booking an evaluation with Centaur Rehab is easy. Simply navigate to our 'Book Online' page in order to lock yourself in for an evaluation. After our meeting, we will be able to craft a personalized plan that addresses your needs, concerns, and fitness goals.


As an athlete myself, I know how important it is to feel your best when it is time to compete. When I am not working at my office, I take part in running, sailing, working with horses, and practicing yoga. With years of education on my side and the resume to prove it, I am more than prepared to lead you to the healthier body that you have been dreaming of!


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